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Students, interns and registrars who secure a training place at one of Psychology Caffe’s six locations in rural towns in northern Tasmania are amazed at the variety and complexity of the work they are involved in.

“I think that’s why recruitment has been easier for us, because we offer more than the usual private practice,” said Managing Director and practice owner, Tracey Martin-Cole.

Psychology Caffe is proud to house a team of highly skilled psychologists, social workers, play therapists and nurses. The award-winning practice boasts three AHPRA registered supervisors, with another soon to qualify.

There is an urgent and growing need for qualified psychologists in rural and regional areas. HR+, Tasmania’s Rural Workforce Agency, has been pleased to support the growth of Tracey’s business and the services it delivers to rural Tasmanians through relocation grants, scholarships, recruitment and practice management support.

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14 February 2023



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Image: Psychology Caffe General Manager, Tracey Martin-Cole

A small practice making a big difference

Tracey Martin-Cole has made a big impact on the lives of children and families since she returned to her hometown of Latrobe in northern Tasmania with her family. She has grown the practice to six locations across small rural communities in the state’s north and northwest. From Latrobe, she has branched out to Devonport, Ulverstone, Burnie, Deloraine and Smithton.

Being rural does not mean that communities shouldn’t have access to the best services. The quality of Tracey’s practice has been recognised nationally. In 2021, Psychology Caffe won a national award for Paediatric Team Excellence and was a finalist in the Adult Team Excellence category.

Psychology Caffe is also a great example of the opportunities for professionals in rural and remote areas.

Tracey Martin-Cole
Tracey Martin-Cole
“We’re registered and credentialled and we have amazing systems,” said Tracey. “Because we’ve been able to resource ourselves to do that (breadth of work), it means it’s a wonderful opportunity for anybody coming into the area.”
“There’s a lot of people that are really shocked, they come from Sydney and they go’ “wow, you’re seeing clients like we would see in the western suburbs of Sydney here in Latrobe. Like its’ so small, you’re a little village!” said Tracey

HR+, Tasmania's Rural Workforce Agency, works to support access to quality and sustainable medical services. Communities in rural and remote areas often have complex physical and mental health issues with limited services. Supporting the growth of practices like Psychology Caffé with its commitment to the communities they serve is an important way to deliver on HR+'s objective of quality, accessible and equitable access to health care.

HR+ has facilitated access to scholarships and bursaries through the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care. In the last three years, scholarships have been awarded to five provisional psychologists to undergo their masters/internship, particularly to cover the supervision expenses.

“I was able to successfully complete my 5+1 Psychology Internship and apply for my General Psychologist registration. This would not have been possible without the financial aid and assistance of this scholarship. I am truly grateful for the opportunity,” said one of the recipients.

Psychology Caffe has also benefited from a range of recruitment services funded under the Commonwealth program and delivered by HR+, including advertising, receiving applications, forwarding candidates and relocation support. These services help the practice, the relocating professional and the community. HR+ is also providing practice management support to the business and administration team.

Tracey’s practice is active in creating opportunities for early career professionals. A fourth psychologist in the practice is soon to complete AHPRA Board registered supervision credentials.

“I really enjoy giving back too and I think that’s because as you get further down your career it actually feels satisfying to be able to support and nurture other clinicians. It’s even better when they stay!” she said.
Baxter Adams
Baxter Adams

Baxter Adams is a perfect example of the opportunities available to country professionals. He started a student placement under Tracey while at university, then started work with the practice on graduation, was a registrar for two years and is now the Principal Psychologist. As a qualified supervisor he is providing those opportunities for other early career professionals.

Baxter is very happy in his new Tasmanian home.

“We do take for granted the work life balance. On the way to work today I went and picked up chicken food, dog food for my farm and then I went and had a meeting about what we plan to do for the next 12 months in terms of work. For me that just summarised a work life balance that I had dreamed of in university, but when I was living in Sydney and living in Melbourne I thought couldn’t exist. We don’t feel disconnected with keeping up with the big city … and the food and wine is amazing! It’s a very special place. I encourage everyone to come and just check it out," said Baxter. "It’s cliched to say we’re like a family, but it really is like that. It’s very special".

For more information on grants, scholarships, recruitment and practice support, contact the Rural Workforce Agency in your state of interest.

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