New Country, New opportunity, New Name

New Country, New opportunity, New Name

The RADS 2

5 years ago, Dr Ryan Rad and Dr Minou Dashti were living and working in Iran. They contacted Fran Robinson from HR+ about working as General Practitioners in Tasmania. Fran has guided them on the recruitment journey and supported the family with introductions to GP practices in rural Tasmania.

They subsequently accepted positions in the coastal town of Burnie, in Tasmania's North West. Fran then assisted the family of three with their move, their registration and anything else they needed along the way. Dr Rad and his wife Dr Dashti have been living and working in rural Tasmania for just over 4 years.

They welcomed a second child since relocating and most recently became proud Australian Citizens. The seaside town of Burnie is lucky to have them both working in General Practice providing primary healthcare to the local community.

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19 April 2024



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Rural & Remote Australia

The Rad family at their citizenship ceremony with the Mayor of Burnie

Dr Ryan Rad and his wife Dr Minou Dashti first contacted HR+ in March 2019 seeking job opportunities in Tasmania. Both held specialties in other fields but, like many Iranian doctors, had concurrently worked in general practice. Within a month they had both accepted job offers from a general practice in Burnie, a MM3 location on the north-west coast of Burnie, and relocated there with their 3 year old daughter. Since then the couple have sailed through life – and their Fellowship exams – like a breeze and both are now vocationally registered. Not only that, but they have welcomed their own Aussie into the world – another beautiful daughter. Earlier this year the two doctors and their elder daughter became Australian citizens, topping out their exciting transition to life in Australia.

Not content with two specialist qualifications and recognising the demand for expertise in skin cancer, Dr Rad has embarked on a specialist qualification in this field and hopes to complete it in a year or two.

HR+ is pleased to have been a part of this family’s journey and was honoured by being asked for input into Dr Rad’s name change from his birth name, and also the naming of his younger daughter. As some of the earlier Iranians into Tasmania, the Rad family have been a great support both professionally and personally for their fellow countrymen who have also come to work in Tasmania. With the initial assistance of HR+ to help establish networks amongst the GPs, there is now a sizeable Iranian medical diaspora in Tasmania who are able to share their experiences – and tips and tricks – for navigating life here. We wish them continued success for their future in Australia and will always be grateful for their contribution to Australian society.